SIDE A / / Pre-surf Amp Up:

1. Metallica - ‘One’

Starts off slow then goes mental.

2. Matisyahu - ‘Time of Your Song’

Heard it at Bruce Irons’ birthday and now I listen to it all the time.

3. The Egg - ‘Walking Away’ (Tocadisco remix)

Very rhythmic, great for larging it!

4. 50 Cent - ‘Shake that Ass, Girl’

Coz I love 50.

5. Millencolin - ‘No Cigar’

Just a great one to accompany surfing.

6. Ludacris - ‘Move Bitch’

Same deal as 50 cent.

SIDE B // Post-surf chill out:

7. Mattafix - ‘Big City Life’

Reminds me of a girl.

8. 50 Cent - ‘Surrounded by Ho’s’

PB à Pantin!

9. Outkast - ‘Miss Jackson’

Coz it’s on Jeremy’s profile on myspace.

10. Ben Harper - ‘If You Don’t Like My Fire’

Relaxes me.

11. Psy 4 De La Rime - ‘Ayie Mama’

I love the lyrics.

12. Sashamon - ‘Jah Roots’

This one’s good before bed.