There's been some lay days here in Bali, with the surfers retreating  to the four corners of the Island. Some hit Canngu, away from the comp site and back to the fun peaks. Others have settled in on the East Coast, with its beachside luxury villas, super quiet vibe and multiple, uncrowded but ordinary reefs and rights. The Kuta vortex, no doubt, sucked in a few and no doubt spat them out laughing and spent and fragile. Tomorrow is supposed to see the first signs of a swell that is predicted to crack all week. There's more predictions here than three legged dogs, but contest director Tommy Whitaker reckons he only need three mornings, and with good tides and kinda alright winds, that could be Tuesday through till Thursday, with potential for some serious barrels. Still, no one really knows when it will all go down, everyone just knows it will. In the meantime, here's a few shots from lay days waves and the evening's actions. All photos Timo.

Wilko parks his barnet and bottom at Keramas.
Koloho, out of the comp and up in the air.


Taj, slices the top off one.
Last night, over a few beers, I asked if Yadin would rather kiss a man or make love to a donkey. "Can I just give the donkey a hand job?" Yes, I replied. "Well then yeah a donkey handjob for sure."
In between catching on average 267 waves per day, Gaby Medina does lay day shit like this.


After 12 of these you become really funny and super organised.
The DJ's are on fire, there are free beers, the chicks are hot and someone is about lost their phone.