This morning I have got a hangover. I didn’t even drink that much… so maybe ‘someone put something in my drink’ last night at the premiere of Volcom’s TRUE TO THIS at Cinema Colisée in Biarritz.

Actually that’s highly unlikely, I’m just being dramatic. It's just an expression. It's the new 'I'm never drinking again...' Plus, drinks weren't allowed in the cinema. It must have been at the restaurant afterwards. I’ll be fine after some more toast.

Now the movie. OK, I know what you're thinking. Sure, sure ‘I’m not new to this I’m true to this’ is from arguably the worst song (New York Straight Talk) on arguably Gangstarr’s worst album (Moment of Truth). But hey, in all fairness, 90’s hip-hop probably ain’t really their thing.

I liked the title, anyway. True To This is all about Volcom’s commitment to surfing, skating and snowboarding down the years. At the start was a look back at all their cinematic body of work since the early 90’s, which is mighty impressive.

If I had to pick a fave part from all their stuff, I think Bruce's HT's section to the Ween song from Magnaplasm would probably be my second favourite part.

Because my first favourite would obviously be Mickey Neilsen’s interview in Football Schmootball were he says something like, “One Portugee bruddah from Kauai got em six good shots to the fucken head…" and then goes on to say “So he backhanded em with half a bottle of vodka."

I just really like the way he emphasises the word when he says ‘vodka’. He seems surprised at the choice of spirit. I guess ‘backhanded em with half a bottle of sloe gin’ just wouldn’t sound right.

Anyhows, the movie was pretty rad. Well really rad, especially on the big screen. Isn’t a treat to watch stuff on cinema screens? Especially Pipeline.

I mean Pipeline looks great on your 11" MacBookPro but it looks better on the big screen at the Cinema Colisée in Biarritz with a cinema full of people going "Ahhhhh-Ooooohhhh!", doesn't it?

The surfing came from the likes of Alex Gray (sick Moroccan slab section), Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Payne, Zeke Lau, Nate Tyler, Andrew Doheny, Ozzy...

I would’ve liked to have maybes seen a bit more Ozzy and it would’ve been good to have a lot more (well, any) Joan Duru in the movie. Joan actually came down to the premiere but couldn’t get in (cinema full!).

So he didn’t get in the movie, and then he didn’t get into the movie. It’s a mad, mad world.

Anyway, like I said, it was good. If you love surfing, skating and snowboarding, you’ll love it, it pretty much has them all in equal measure. Overall it feels a touch less ‘weird’ than what you might have come to expect from Volcom’s movies down the years.

Definitely less out there arty stuff we saw in Freedom Wig, Magnaplasm, etc. Am I showing my age now?

No, they are showing their age. I think that was the idea.