Take Shelter Productions is a joint venture between Dan Norkunas and Albee Layer, based out of Maui, Hawaii. Albee won Best Performance at the recent Surfer Poll Awards for his surfing in Take Shelter film Attractive Distractions, and over the last few seasons has been one of the standout surfers at Jaws. Jaws, situated on the island of Maui, is probably the premier big-wave spot in the world.

This little video, for those who hadn't already guessed, is Take Shelter's take on the swell at Jaws a week or two ago. If you hadn't figured by now, it's gonna be well worth your perusal. In addition to Albee Layer, it also features Shane Dorian, Dean Morrison, Ryan Hipwood, Kai Lenny, Billy Kemper, Tyler Larronde and more. The stunning opening section of Attractive Distractions, incidentally, is now available to watch for free.