Kelly Slater talks Ross Williams through the finer points of his 8.5 in the first round of Bells -- the wave that ended with the frontside reverse into backhand top turn. You remember, the one that made you smile in familiar disbelief? The transition between those last two moves was seamless, the awareness and forethought that made it possible almost prophetic. Typical of Slater to coax some life out of the niggardly conditions, and to transform what would have been a boring and forced manoeuvre into something inspired and unexpected.

Anyway, that's probably enough gushing. As you'd imagine, hearing Kelly talk about it here is quite interesting. Should this be a regular WSL feature, not just with Kelly but with other surfers too reflecting on their own waves? Yes, absolutely. Can you hear more of Kelly and Ross's conversation, which broached topics such as board design, Firewire Surfboards and Kelly's plans for the future? Yes, certainly, here.