5’11" x 18" x 2 1/8" MK8 by Mark Phipps

“Jeremy has always ridden very refined boards that compliment his smooth carving surfing and his love of late drops straight into the barrel," reckons diminutive maestro Mark Phipps. “The MK8 has an even rocker and a deep single concave giving it both speed and manoeuvrability in average to good waves. The most important elements of a board for Jeremy is thickness, specifically under his back foot along with the rail and tail.

As you can see in the photo Jeremy has arrived on this lovely glassy wave face with tons of speed and the MK8’s rocker and tuned rails are allowing him to hold his board totally on rail. The MK8 is a performance short board, it also makes an ideal step up board if ordered slightly longer.

For anyone interested, the volume of this one is 23.8 litres"