Best thing you do when not surfing: Drumming in my band, Nylon Pool.

Best way to dread your hair if you’re white: Bee’s wax.

Best trip this year: Morocco, only a few days but with my mates Peter and Alex.

Best wave in Caribbean: Soup Bowl.

Best wave in Trinidad: Mt. Irvine.

Best thing about living in Trinidad: Women.

Best thing about being half English:Getting in the European mags.

Best wave ever: Asu, Indo, 4 years ago, longest barrel of my life.

Best party place: Place with the best music and best girls… Brazil.

Best Bob Marley song: Concrete Jungle.

Best Sizzla song: Healing of the Nation.

Best place to eat in Trinidad: Mum’s house.

Best place to go out in Trinidad: Club 51 in Port of Spain.

Best surfers in Caribbean: Alan Davis, Lewis St John, Mark Holder.

Best surfers in Europe: I’ve always rated Fred Robin.

Best cricketer of all time: Brian Lara.

Best footie match: T&T play-off against Bahrain in 06. Last minute goal by Dennis Lawrence took us to the World Cup in Germany.

Best thing about coming to Europe: Seeing boobies on the beach.

Best thing about France: See above.

Best thing about Spain: Tapas.

Best thing about UK: Mingers.

Best non-surf destination: Amsterdam.

Best pick up line: 'Whoa whoa whoa, don’t get so close to me, back up.'

Best thing about being a surfer: Being free.

Best way to psych-up for heavy surf: Just go, don’t think about it. If you think too much you don’t go.

Best friends: Ones who are there when the shit hits the fan.

Best cars I’ve driven: 500SL Mercedes, Subaru WRX.

Best thing to say to the law when pulled over: 'F-you, officer, it’s my turn now.' Fear 'n' Loathing style.

Best surfboard you’ve ridden:Insight 6’0" x 18 1/4" pintail.

Best thing they’ll say when you’re dead: ‘He lived for the moment.’

Best thing about being a valet parker in Florida: You see a lot of flesh.

Best thing about Celine Dion: She tipped me $100 when I worked as above.

Best beer in Caribbean: Stag is a man’s beer.

Best pub in Cornwall: All of them, but I think the Dirty Horse is the name…

Best thing about riding for Insight: They keep it real and the surfboards are insane.