SIDE A / / Chargin’ the batteries of the soul

1. The Libertines - ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’

Shame they couldn’t keep it together - a verbal last scrap before they split - come on boys sort it out and make another album!

2. Firehose - ‘Brave Captain’

Legendary tune from an old skate movie - makes me want to wallride Buckingham Palace.

3. Public Enemy - ‘911 Is a Joke’

Makes me want to breakdance on an ambulance.

4. Kings of Leon - ‘Spiral Staircase’

Paint your body red and brown… and slide down a staircase

5. J5 - ‘Swing Set’

Makes me want to play the triangle.

6. Jazz Crusaders - ‘Stomp and Buck Dance’

Go on a crusade of great jazziness and win the battle of funk!

SIDE B // And in the fridge

7. Yovee - ‘City Strollin’

A nice tune by a nice band.

8. Seth Lakeman - ‘White Hare’

Check out his album Freedom Fields, especially relevant if you’re from the South West.

9. Israel Vibration - ‘Ball of Fire’

Gotta have a bit of dub in there somewhere.

10. Fink - ‘All Cried Out’

A killer cover of an old Alison Moyet tune that my mum played to death when I was a tacker.

11. Eric Mongain – ‘Air Tap’

(look on – he plays the guitar like a piano and bongos... I’d like to do that!

12. Nina Simone - ‘Here Comes The Sun’

So nice, I’ll have it at my funeral.