Three things you need to know about Jack Robbo. Possibly four.

First thing is the bowl cut. Kind of a mix between a three-year-old, an Aussie rules mullet and a 70's kids TV presenter (in orange dungarees). He's had it since being a famous grom and appears to be sticking with it, which shows gumption.

Secondly, his charging has earned him very lofty plaudits. Slater says he's "incredible" in tubes. Folk like Bruce Irons call him to come charge a swell at Chopes and be in their movie.

Third thing is, well, the second thing is not without substance. He does surf frightening tubes incredibly well. He did win the Pipe trials. He does have that uncanny knack of upside-down knife-ins on the backhand, that front foot seemingly welded to the inside rail.

ok fourth is maybe his dad... or Trev as you or I might call him, or as indeed Jack does actually call him. Trev travels with Jack, manages Jack, goes out socialising with Jack. They do a lot of things that mates of Jack's age, or perhaps even mates of Trev's age, would do. Trev is also very opinionated, indeed. Subjects ranging from most of the rest of the Billabong team, the East Coast of oz, surf brands and the like are all subject to Trev's unique scrutiny, which is both funny, brutal and unrelenting equal measure.