Photo: Christie

Leon is German, but that doesn't mean he's not funny... he's a right regular giggle! Here's what he thinks about...

Dirndl / Lederhosen: Lederhosen I guess, I don’t have the boobs to fill a dirndl.

Marlon / Nicolaus: Nic, I like his surfing. He’s good in barrels, has power and can do sick airs.

Mick/Joel: Joel, insane power surfing. Best I’ve ever seen at Trestles.

Kuntz / Klinsman: Soccer gives you big legs. 

Air / Cutback: Definitely air... cutbacks are boring, but somebody told me ‘if you can do a perfect cutback, you can surf any wave...’

Indo / Hawaii: Indo, perfect waves everywhere.

Tits / Ass: Hahah I like the ASS, there is nothing to explain about an ass.

Pipe / Teahupoo: Teahupoo, ‘cause the wave is so clean and hollow.

Quad / Thruster:  Thruster you can get more vertical and get those fins out.

BMW / Mercedes Benz: Mercedez Benz, more styling.

Shalom / Salaam: Shalaam! Let’s make peace!

Rice / Beans: Beans, give you better nutrition.

Chicken / Fish: Chicken, you can do a better variety of sauces...

Ugly / Fat: Ugly, I would prefer ugly. Like they say in German: ‘Put a flag over it and do it for your country.’

Book / iPad: iPad, I can read and connect to the Internet.

Vinyl / mp3: mp3, I don’t know what vinyl is so mp3.

Boogieboard / SUP: Boogieboard, it’s really fun.

Chess / Backgammon: Chess, it’s more of a brain game.

Hasselhoff / The Scorpions: I don’t really know either but I heard that Hasselhoff has this clip of himself on youtube where he’s really drunk...

Bach / Beethoven: Bach, he produced 20 kids. What a machine!

Dog / Cat: Dogs, except chiwawas, they are so annoying.

Brazilian / Hollywood: Brazilian in Hollywood.

Art / Science: Art, I like to draw.

Tow / Paddle: I don’t have the muscle power to paddle into huge waves.

Youporn / Redtube: Red Tube hahaha hope my mum doesn’t read this.