Hugues Goes

Hugues Oyarzabal, 21

Biriatou, France

Originating from the frontier town of Biriatou, Hugues learned to surf at the nearby beach of Hendaye, and soon developed a taste for all types of waves, “I’m always looking to try different things. I hate the idea of having a surf routine. For example, I’ll surf a single fin at Lafiténia one day, boost airs at a beachbreak another, or take a gun and go to Guéthary or somewhere. I like mixing it up."

As his surfing developed, Hugues was particularly influenced by guys like Gavin Beschen, so much that you can even spot a goofy version of the Alien’s style in Hugues’ surfing today. His approach to surfing is open-minded, even if he admits to working really hard to make a career out of the sport since leaving school at 16.

“Since I left school, surfing’s become a full-time job. I dedicate every day to surfing and even if my contracts don’t state that I’m a professional, that’s what I consider myself to be," a brave attitude that Hugues continues to push with his numerous magazine appearances, impressive performances at Vanthrax and growing rep as a result.

“I love Vanthrax. It’s only about ten minutes from my house, and there’re few other waves where you can experience that kind of power - it’s so heavy." And whilst not being interested in the contest scene, the young Basque is continually looking to push his surfing limits, whether it’s landing a rodeo or honing his tow-in skills. The bigger the rush, the harder Hugues goes.

Hugues rides for: Electric, Xcel, DC Shoes, Gorilla Grip, FCS, ...Lost surfboards and Jeremy Smith.