HOW 2: Order Your Summer Stick With Dazza McBroady from Euroglass When some people think of summer surfboards, they automatically think about a fish or a mal, or some weird combination of the two. Whatever kind of board you decide to ride, here are some pointers from an unusual-looking man who’s flogged more summer boards to summer surfers than you could shake a gratos leash at. - FISHY? The fish for example is fantastic, but it doesn’t suit everyone, it depends on your technique. Borrow a mate’s board or one from a test centre and see if you like it before you order, because they do suit certain surfers more than others. - PERFORMANCE. Know what you want in your summer board. The board does not have to be surfed in small shitty gutless waves. If you already have a small wave rig then get yourself your favourite board but lighter. Lightness equals speed equals fun. - SKILL.. Rob Machado surfs better than you so if you see him on a 5’2" ripping it doesn’t mean you are going to rip, too. Know your level and act accordingly, Have an honest appraisal of whether paddling power and speed are more important than shred-ability to you in your summer board. - QUALITY. Buy cheap, buy twice someone once said. Why try and save that extra bit of cash if it means sitting out the back on a dog of a board wishing you hadn’t wasted all your money on shooters at your local pub talking it up about what you would do tomorrow if you weren’t going to be feeling like a dead cow. Good luck!

Photos: Pete Frieden, Villalba, Barros