The latest instructional 'How To' instalment from the good folks at Korduroy TV demonstrates how to make a handy surfboard rack for under $10. Let's face it, these days everyone's skint no? And I don't know anyone that's not limited for space. This solution solves both of those problems by making the most of any spare vertical space you have at home.

Got more than just 2 or three rafts you want to safely store away? Just repeat the process several times! That said unless you're thinking of qualifying for the CT sometime soon there's a lot to be said for whittling down your quiver to just 3 or 4 go-to models, coz too much choice can be a real bitch and come back to bite you in the ass at times. After all, there's not a whole lot worse than bellying your way into the beach at the end of every session thinking to yourself "Fuck if only I'd taken my 5'10 channel bottom winged bonzer with the beveled rails (or whatever other new-fangled shape it was you left at home) I might have actually had fun!"