The cats in Endless Summer, August and Hynson wore ties all the time except when they were surfing or wearing t-shirts.

How 2: Tie a Windsor Knot

(with King Edward VII)

Ties are way back in this year, even just with a t-shirt. In the best surf film ever made, Endless Summer, the heroes travel everywhere with ties, and they look bloody amazing. But what those young 1960’s Americans didn’t know was the coveted English technique known as the Windsor knot. Check it:

1. Start with wide end on your right, extend it 12" below narrow end.

2. Cross wide end over narrow and bring it up through loop.

3. Bring wide end down, around behind narrow end and up on your right.

4. Push this end down through loop pull it tight.

5. Turn wide end and pass it across narrow end.

6. Pull wide end up through loop.

7. Slip wide end through knot in the front. Tighten and draw up to collar.