While modern surfing technology strives to constantly improve itself, there are occasions when one of surfing’s convenience innovations go awry, and a rounded off fin screw is one such occasion. Anyone who’s ever done this will recognize the heart-sinking agony when the fin key turns freely, ineffectively in a hole worn by time, tide and whatever else. Add to this the time pressure of needing to make a flight, a tide or wind window, an ill-timed misadventure with that little piece of metal can seriously fuck up your day.

Don’t freak out. Don’t hurtle the fin key off the boat, out the window or anywhere else. Get hold of some super glue, any kind will do it. Dip your fin key into the glue (important: Key into glue, DO NOT pour glue into the screw/hole) and wait for a few seconds. You want just a pretty thin coating of glue on it, not like a huge blob. Next place the key into the screw and wait a couple of minutes for the glue to set. When it does it will turn as normal and get that pesky rounded off grub screw out of your shooter and out of your life.

Words: Gary Browningstone