DVD: Action

Produced by: El Porto Productions

Length: 40 min

Description: You’re 15 and you wanna know how good you are on a world level? Do you want your little brother to rock the top ranks in a few years? This is your vid. Top groms from Hawaii & USA, not a great wave variety and a lot of burgers and small waves, but still a cool video for your lil’ bro.

Highlights: See why top groms like Clay Marzo, Granger Larsen, Tyler Newton, Ezekial Lau, Evan Geiselman and Bethany Hamilton are so hyped up in the US surf media.

Soundtrack: The Eines, Slowride, Throat, Summer Jack, Northcoast Underground, Too Rude…

Bonus: Volcom VQS Finals, Rip Curl Grom Search, Skate trailer, snow trailer, Vol 1 trailer.