It's that time of year again, when those members of the world tour that don't live there already descend on Australia's most valuable stretch of surfing real estate in anticipation of the Quik Pro and the season ahead. Their arrival this year has happened to coincide with a quite phenomenal run of swell, sent on its merry way towards Australia's east coast by dear old Cyclone Marcia. The dense concentration of waves has been matched only by the even denser concentration of surfers, each of them equally desperate for a chunk of the gold on offer, inevitably leading to a bit of good old-fashioned argy-bargy in the line-up. Those snatching up the nuggets here include Medina, Kolohe, Jordy and Dean Morrison, the last of whom has certainly been getting his fair share -- and perhaps a little more -- of late. Jordy's looking straight up deadly, as is Kolohe, who vies with James Woods for position of top dog in the barrel stakes.