11 time World Champion Kelly Slater and Quiksilver have kissed and made up, with Slater reportedly signing a 20 year deal that'll keep him in cresting mountain snow capped wave gear until he's well beyond the age Silver Edition was meant for.

It is also the longest contract Quik have done since Tiago Pires' staggering ten year deal, which was done shortly before Quiksilver's share price plummeted. Not that we're saying that was Saca's fault...

Slater said via his instagram, "Fuck chia seeds, Firewire, whatever that brand was... Outerhere or something. Quiksilver is the future."

Slater, who left the brand after reportedly falling out with now-ousted CEO Andrew Mooney, was quick to resign after close friend and Frenchman Pierre Agnes became the new global CEO, a move that in itself saw some of the most unabashed social media brown nosing ever witnessed. Literally ever team rider Quik still have posted a pic of Pierre in a backhand baz, with a gushing tribute.

With Slater back on the team, Quik are planning an assault to regain surfing's top table in a comeback not seen since Rocky IV. A company insider reportedly said, "Watch out Hurley, you're fucken dead."