Nathan Smith has been one of the world's premier surf photographers over the last decade. Now for the kids out there, Smithy started out on film. It was a strange real substance that you had to get processed in a lab. That's right, you couldn't even look at your photos straight away, or post them on Instagram! Anyway we asked for his favourite film images and caption for this gallery. He says, "The photos you are looking at are all film. The films I used ranged from Fuji Velvia / Fuji provia / Kodak 100vs / Agfa Scala. These films helped me not only define and create my own personal style, but also hep me understand the fundamentals of photography.  There was no photoshop or 3 stops either side of incorrect exposure. You had to know when to use different types of films for different light and places and most importantly, you had to get it right. Hope you enjoy checking a few oldies."

For more of Nathan's work check out or go to nate_smith_photo on Instagram