Keep accidentally shaving your nipples off in your efforts to achieve a shiny hairless chest that will broadcast your well-groomed masculinity to members of the opposite sex? Leaving a trail of cuts around your body as you struggle to reach those sensitive, less easily accessible areas? Slicing open your scrotum on a regular basis as you strive towards your dream of a fur-free ballbag? Blood and semen spilling everywhere?

What are you like?! But not to worry. Gabriel Medina is here to help. He's teamed up with sponsors Gillette and put together a series of instructional videos to guide you in your quest for full-body depilation. Above is an armpit-shaving tutorial, and below is a promo vid featuring some razor-sharp, nipple-splitting surfing. Also available, should you feel so inclined, are chest-shaving and stomach-shaving guides; crack and sack to follow shortly.