Ok team, we've been at it again, sniggering in the office at silly/dangerous/stupid clips that have nothing to do with surfing. The first clip isn't actaully that random, it was filmed in the woods at the end of my road by a bunch of guys that live on my street, it's not funny or gross but it's pretty damn 'rad' as they say in BMX speak. If it's too much for you, the rest of it's just plain old silly crazy tom foolery shenanigans. Get stuck in.

DerelictBMX Derelict BMX - March in 50 Frames Per Second from Dave King on Vimeo.

Travis Pastrana backflips a trike. Don't try this at home! More Motocross >>

Longest trampoline slamdunk in the world, ever!

If you haven't seen this, where have you been? The best bit of viral marketing ever to hit the net.

Japanese boob game where you also get electrocuted?!