Pipeline has been in an unforgiving mood this last week. First Daniel Jones was knocked cold and had to be fished out of the white water by friends and lifeguards, the day before the Volcom Pipe Pro got underway. He needed a few staples for puncture wounds to his head and is currently wearing a neck brace, but he should be back in the water before too long. Then on Saturday 17 year-old Leo Fioravanti broke two vertebrae and tore several ligaments in his back as a consequence of the above wipeout, during his Round 3 heat. His injuries were more serious and he'll be out of action for a few months at least, but he was lucky not to incur any permanent damage. It might have been much worse: yesterday afternoon Tahitian charger Tuhiti Haumani was pulled out of the water unconscious, and is now thought to be in a critical condition in hospital. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends, and we hope he's OK.

Thank fuck for the lifeguards there, who do such an excellent job.