By: Josh Landan, 34 Films

Length: 1h 34 min

Music: Incubus, Spareta, Bad Religion, Ben Harper, Moby, Todd Hannigan.

Bonus: DVD 1: Design Forum, Blue Carpet Special by Fuel TV. DVD 2: Visual Anthology of the Channel Islands surf team, Short Film: A Curren Visual, Flow complete interviews, alternate and deleted scenes.

Description: How a man called Al Merrick has deeply influenced history of modern surfing through shaping and a father-toson relationship with the very best surfers in the world. A journey through the life of surfing super heroes’ most influential mentor.

Highlights: The Santa Barbara era (80-83) and its visionary surfing, leaving jail and drugs behind for a new life, the deep connection between Merrick and his team (especially Curren and Kelly), his fight against cancer, ever progressive thinking and influence in modern surfing through the perpetual reconsideration of high performance surfing and shaping.

Other points of interest: Citsuca, a music CD by Timmy Curran.

Words by Iker