Timo-Hawaii-2009-0283 copy

Timo-Hawaii-2009-0283 copy

The Bay this afternoon, as seen from behind the peak. Photo: Timo

The swell had picked up dramatically this morning, along with some funky winds. There were all sorts of outer bombies rumbling off in the distance where you'd think it would be a mile or so deep and probably is. The word is the swell will peak tonight after dinner and that tomorrow there is a 90% chance of the Eddie running. I saw an Aussie photog who reckoned, "I just talked to RCJ and he say's it's on for shooooooore..."

Today Tom Carrol broke his leg during a wipeout at the Bay. I didn't see it myself. The swell then appeared to dropped off a wee bit through the afternoon, although a closeout came through the Bay around 3pm to keep everyone honest. It's getting bigger through the night and wind forecasts look favourable. Theymay indeed close the road, the whitewater came over Kam hwy early this morning at Sunset and Rockpiles and surely will again tonight.

Here's Pottz and Freddy P with the vid: