With the Quik Pro France very nearly upon us, today the trials will go down in Hossegor to see which lucky chappy will get a chance to crash his yoghurt truck in the top seeds' faces. The surf is around 6ft and kinda chunky and funky, with a healthy west wind.

The (mostly) young, handsome, virile men and boys who will righteously contest these trials are:

Heat 1:Aritz Aranburu, Maxime Huscenot, Balaram Stack, Craig Anderson

Heat 2:Ramzi Boukhiam, Garrett Parkes, Patrick Beven, Leonardo Fioravanti

Heat 3:Wiggolly Dantas, Alain Riou, Mar Ohno, Fred Robin

Heat 4:Marc Lacomare, Beyrick De Vries, Dimitri Ouvre, Dede Suryana

My money is on Hoyo.

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