Word is Nike 6.0's first cash for tricks of the summer is happening tomorrow morning at Bourdaines. Come and do a widget and win some money!

Confirmed Riders include the Nike 6.0 Europe team, some former WCTers, groms, locals, shapers and all sorts:

Tim Boal (France, FRA)

Patrick Beven (France, FRA)

Willy Aliotti (France, FRA)

Naum Idlefonse (France, FRA)

David Leboulch (France, FRA)

Dimitri Ouvre (France, FRA)

Edouard Delpero (France, FRA)

PV Laborde (France, FRA)

Tom Cloarec (France, FRA)

Nelson Cloarec (France, FRA)

Alizée Arnaud (France, FRA)

Marc Audo (France, FRA)

Vincent Duvignac (France, FRA)

Tristan Guilbaud (France, FRA)

Jules Thomet (France, FRA)

Emilien Lojou (France, FRA)

Didier Piter (France, FRA)

Joan Duru (France, FRA)

Marc Audo (France, FRA)

Rudy Marechal (France, FRA)

Nicolaus Von Rupp (Germany, DEU)

Marlon Lipke (Germany, DEU)

Charles Martin (Guadeloupe, GLP)

Jean Charles Debray (Guadeloupe, GLP)

Arthur Bourbon (Guadeloupe, GLP)

Jatyr Berasaluce (Basque Country, EUK)

Borja Agote (Basque Country, EUK)

Frederico Morais (Portugal, PRT)

Vasco Ribeiro (Portugal, PRT)

Tomás Pulido Valente (Portugal, PRT)

Alex Botelho (Portugal, PRT)

Hugo Savalli (Reunion Island, REU)

Adrien Toyon (Reunion Island, REU)

Hugo Dubosc (Reunion Island, REU)

Damien Chaudoy (Reunion Island, REU)

Jonathan Gonzalez (Canary Islands, CNY)

Andre Silva (Brazil, BRA)

Alessandro Piu (Italy, ITA)

Angelo Bonomelli (Italy, ITA)

Leonardo Fioravanti (Italy, ITA)

Robert D'amico (Italy, ITA)

Ramon Taliani (Costa Rica/Italy, CRI/ITA)

Mark Phipps (Australia, AUS)

Craig Butcher (South Africa, ZAF)