Ready to ride angry water? Hmmm?

Suitably fired up by John John and co's example-setting 'how to surf a maxed out beachie' in France, let's assume you're more than ready. A whopper of a mid Atlantic low is pumping out solid swell due in T-24 hours. But! The swell arrives around the same time as the wind.

Best bet: North SpainĀ While the low might be a bit south for some classic set ups on the north coast of Iberia (like Mundaka, which prefers swells more north less west), offshore south winds make that coast look favourable for mainland Europe.

For the time being, winds look pretty blustery around the peak of swell for SW England and Ireland, although Ireland has a bit more east in the wind. Meanwhile Portugal also looks set to get south wind rogered until Monday (when it goes offshore).

This is what Portugal was like two days ago for the A-list WCTers...