Either Tyler Wright or Carissa Moore (they're the two in the middle) is gonna be crowned ASP World Champ in Cascais!

The EDP Cascais Girls Pro press conference was held this afternoon at the Carcavelos main site. The rub is basically this: Carissa is 200 points ahead, meaning if they both lose in the early rounds, she wins. However, from and including the Quarters, because of changing throw-aways, Tyler would be 200 ahead. If one of them stays in the comp a round longer than the other, they will be the 2013 Women's ASP World Champion. Get it?

In terms of requalifying, the situation is a bit more 'fluid', and slightly less interesting. However, the big news is that Alana Blanchard is out unless she gets a big result here, a worrying scenario for all you purists out there...

Things you wouldn't hear at a men's press conference...

'I love your extensions, they're awesome!' - Carissa Moore to Jessi Miley Dyer

'If I win the World Title my dad is going to buy me a puppy' - Carissa Moore

'I'm Carissa' - Carissa Moore after being introduced by the MC as Tyler Wright

'I have been to Portugal once before, but I can't remember it.' Tyler Wright

'Hey, how's Surf Europe going?' (as we've never been to a men's press conference...)

In other news the wildcard is 13 years old! Yikes! She's called Teresa Bonvalot.

Tomorrow's forecast is tad smaller and cleaner than today, stay tuned for the call around 9am local time http://www.aspeurope.com/edpcascais/