A truly monstrous wave on the Galician coast

costa da morte

Galicia, the Wild West of Spain. Savage and unruly, battered by relentless torrents of swell, wind and rain, the last frontier of European big-wave surfing. The potential was always there, but it has proved a difficult beast to tame.


Costa Da Morte - the Coast of Death - is a forthcoming film by Fred Behro, featuring the wave-riding talents of the Basque Country's Axi Mouniain and his faithful squire Jerome Sayhoun. The pair have been gallivanting up and down Spain's northwest coast for upwards of seven years, searching every nook and cranny on their way. (Cranny! What a word).

The results are simply jaw-dropping; judging by the evidence  of this teaser, which has just dropped, Galicia's potential may be even greater than we suspected. Some of these waves resemble Australia's better known death-slabs at their biggest and baddest. We await the full-length release with baited breath.