Handsome French bastards Benjamin Sanchis and Marc Lacomare had done the hard work. They'd identified a promising looking set-up somewhere in Africa, they'd waited for a suitable swell to show on the forecasts, and when they got to their destination with cameraman Alex Laurel in tow they were greeted by perfect, empty line-ups. The only problem was their boards hadn't turned up yet.

Fortunately their host was kind enough to dust off a few old boards from his garage for them to use until their own arrived, by which time the swell had dropped off significantly. Even on borrowed and battered equipment they put on a highly impressive display of tube-riding, Marc's layback drop at 1:35 taking top honours. Where exactly in Africa? They ain't letting on, and quite right too, so have fun trying to narrow it down judging from the complexion of the locals, the style of the architecture and the character of the landscape.