8-12ft, Pipe was on from the get-go for Day 2. Photos: Volcom/Bielmann

After another series of lei days, Pipeline roared back to life for a spectacular day of late drops, deep pits and heavy wipeouts.

The biggest upset of the day came when 3-time defending champ John John went down to Pipe newcomers Evan Geiselman and Parker Coffin. Floridian Evan Geiselman putting in the top-scoring heat of the day including a near-perfect 9.6 early doors.

“I got that first one and I saw that it sparked everyone’s eyes," said Geiselman. “Then [Parker Coffin] got his and we just kind of put the pressure on John, and not having priority… it’s tough."


Kelly, despite not appearing on top form, did manage to scrape through last minute with a low-scoring Backdoor back-up ride .

“When you don’t have that priority phase in your heat, you don’t have the freedom to take off and line up where you want. Some waves maybe you want to ease into, some waves you maybe want to take a deep line across it… there are a lot of variables when there are four guys in the lineup. It’s just a different game. It’s equally fair, but it’s equally tough for everyone."

On the Euro front, Maxime Huscenot and Charly Martin also both made it through to the Round of 32 - season starters they'll both be chuffed with. The final day is expected to run today or tomorrow so stay tuned to the live webcast or for yesterday's action there's Heats on Demand!