Dane Reynolds is currently being held in jail in Lisbon International airport, according to filmer and longtime accomplice Jason 'Mini' Blanchard.

According to Blanchard's IG, Dane has has his shoelaces removed (so he doesn't hang himself), and even his phone (presumably why it's not on Dane's Insty).

His crime? Lost his passport.

Presumably Dane (pictured at London's Gatwick Airport, the hub of choice for package holiday chavs flying Virgin) had his passport when he departed America, and had it at Gatwick, but lost it between London and Lisbon.

(Our guess is Pret A Manger, South Terminal. Either there or JD Sports...)

A similar, yet much worse fate once befell Aritz Aranburu, who was locked up in a South African airport jail merely for the logo on the front of his passport being a bit rubbed out. Aritz was on lock down a few days, got deported back to Spain, got a new passport and went back to SA all in time for his WQS heat.

Our thoughts are with Dane at this difficult time.