Directed by: Jason Muir and Dane Reynolds

Length: 53 minutes

Description: What happens when instead of chasing WQS dribble, one of the world’s best surfers follows swells across the globe to shoot his own movie? First Chapter takes in Australia, Coxos, Hossegor, Morocco, the North Shore and California, and will leave no doubt in your mind that twenty-year-old Dane Reynolds is one of the finest surfers on the planet.

Highlights: Ridiculous alley-oops, flips, straight airs and reverses stomped with stunning aplomb. Crazy combos like throaty pits, a big gouging snap, another pit, maybe a huge punt and then back in for another long racy baz on the inside, thanks. Wide-angle water shots of The Box at the end are truly wicked.

Soundtrack: Is jolly good indeed: Primus, Modest Mouse, Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, etc.