Wave Garden's 'The Cove', the equivalent of artificial wave generating technology's behind the baseline return to Slater Wave Co's serve is shortly upon us.

The official teaser dropped today, ahead of the full unveiling 10/05/17 (in 2 day's time).

Capable of generating 1000 waves per hour (one every 4 seconds), The Cove threatens to eclipse the Slater wave, which produces a single wave every few minutes, at best.

However, as Ben Mondy pointed out on the most recent episode of the SE Podcast, what happens if you get caught inside? 'You'd be gutted if you paid for an hour and spent the entire time duckdiving a thousand wave set' said Ben (who has no formal scientific training of any kind).

Stand by the full unveiling, as the gloves come off in artificial wave wars, or, in test pilot Norman Landa's case (and Kelly's too curiously, in his unveiling clip) stay on.