Thanks to EpicTV for the latest instalment of their 'Generations' series. This one focusses again on the relationship between Chris Ward and his 17-year old daughter Malia, and also features footage of Malia pushing Gabriel Medina over on a wave at Trestles, around the 1:36 mark. We could tell you more about it, but we've been saved the effort:

"Chris Ward hit the road as a pro surfer on the ASP World Tour when he was very young. At the same time as his pro career was taking off he was starting a young family and his long absences were tough on them. But while he was away his daughter, Malia fell in love with surfing on her own and now, as a teenager, she's ripping SoCal with her dad. Chris couldn't be more stoked, especially given that when you watch Malia hit the lip it oozes that cat-like Ward style. Now father and daughter are both competing at the highest levels and enjoying time spent together in and out of the water. Check them out surfing Trestles together, sharing a wave or two and hanging out on land."