Chippa Wilson chop hops over a rock on his Catch Surf Odysea Stump foamie

chippa wilson rock chop hop

There are plenty of things you can do with rocks. Sometimes you can jump off them to make an effortless, hassle-free, dry-haired entry into the line-up -- although there all sorts of ways this can go wrong, in fact it doesn't go all that smoothly for Chippa Wilson at the start of this clip. Then, if you get really pissed off you when you're out in the surf, you can jump right back onto them, à la Freddy Patacchia. Some people (CJ Hobgood, for instance) surf into them without even realizing it, others (Mark Mathews) get dragged mercilessly over them at spots like Ours. Or, if you want to be like Chippa here (see 2:00), you can do chop hops over them on your foamie. The possibilities are endless!

Like his namesake Julian Wilson, Chippa has recently signed with makers of foam surfboards Catch Surf, and below can be seen surfing one of their delightfully named Odysea Stump models -- surfing it like a boss.