Celebrity Parents, the game that is taking the surfing world by storm* started off with Owen Wright, whose odd couple parents of Hulk Hogan and Martina Navratilova (see here) were on hand when Owen took out the Breaka Pro at Burleigh recently.  One of our avid fans, known as Chunk, bought into the game and commentated that he thought Saffa Travis Logie was the bastard child of Jean Claude Van Damme and Jamie Lee Curtis. When we checked the DNA (ie google images) it seems old Chunk was spot on the money.

It seems Chunk was definitely on the money. If you have any more suggestions for Celeb Parents, then fire in folks, we want to know. Once you start, you won't stop. Probably.

* When we say taking the world by storm, its more a light drizzle rather than tropical cyclone.

Who knew the South African goofy had such illustrious parentage?



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JCVD is very proud of Travis, even though Jean Claude is in fact a naturalfooter.

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