By Damien Marly/ Chipiron

Yep, this is blatantly the kinda shit shapers get up to when they've spent too much time locked inside the shaping bay. The dust, toxic fumes, resin, solvents, it all goes to their heads and what do you know a stroke of genius somehow rises from the mess! Bad weather and economic hardship are also known to be key catalysts to rad new inventions and in this instance seems true enough for Capreton shaper Jeremy Ferrara's latest creation, the first ever ‘2 in 1’ surfboard.

SE: Hi Jeremy, what inspired you to come up with this idea?

The idea goes back to a time when I spent a lot of time on the road, or should I say a lot of time catching planes. Excess baggage fees just got to be so ridiculously expensive, especially if you were hauling longboards around with you. Everyone will know what I’m talking about.


And that’s basically when the idea of storing away a shortboard within a longboard came to me. That way I knew I had all bases covered whatever the forecast. The other big advantage of course being when your wife despairs at you having bought another surfboard when in fact you’ve bought two!


SE: Does it actually work?

No idea! The boards are still drying out. But they should definitely float.

More to follow soon.