Did Indar Unanue shit in the woods? Photo: Victor Gonzalez

O’Neill ran the CWC Series WQS event up in Canada a few years back... Canada!

The most gripping story to come out of that event was probably Mitch Coleborn getting arrested for having his dong out in public... But we’re not gonna tell that one today.

Surf Consistency:  4 Wave Variety: 5  

Climate: 1 Budget: 4 Radness: 9

We’re simply gonna tell you about a cold, wild, beautifully scenic coast with quality surf, and plenty of wild wildlife. Canada is one of those places that you never knew you wanted to go, but just kinda snuck up on you.

Hate sunburn? Don’t dig garish, touristy, plastic surf towns? Love bears, whales, snow, deep dark forests, thick rubber and icy brine?

Got the horn for eagles, salmon, lumberjack shirts, boats, shotguns and beards?

Go get your British Columbia on!