By: Taylor Steele

What is it? The best surfers in world on show in segments, with ‘Hollywood’ skits in between. Enough quick-cut editing to make your head spin, as do the surfing performances of Slater, AI, Shane Dorian, Dane Reynolds, Ry Craike, Jamie O’Brien, Rasta and Parko among others.

Highlights: Surfing: Shane Dorian’s Chopes wave, all of Kelly’s waves at a hideously thick Soupbowl, Kelly’s Air to float thing at la Piste, Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds. Acting: Barney cologne, camp Benji, Dorian, even Kelly has a stab.

Length: 53 min.

Soundtrack highlights: Placebo, Muse, U.N.K.L.E, Bloc Party, Gorillaz.

Bonus: There’s a second DVD just for the bonuses. How to’s on moves, outtakes, chose your own soundtrack, it’s all there.