By: Ryan Thomas

What is it? The subject is one of the world’s most exciting surfers, Bruce Irons, and features his maiden WCT season, Eddie win, mental free surfing and insights from friends, family and entourage. Shot on 16 and 35mm film with the incredible wave riding of Bruce, his brother Andy plus Dean Morrison, Gavin Beschen, Bol and Koby Abberton on display.

Highlights: Snapper section with Bruce and Dingo, Bruce and Andy’s surfing in the Mentawais, Pipe and Backdoor. Runman’s Bruce Movie in the bonus is pretty cool too for a different look, especially if you liked his stuff in Magnaplasm etc.

Length: 40 min.

Soundtrack highlights: Pink Floyd, The Jam, Iggy Pop, Motorhead.

Bonus: Runman’s Bruce Movie, the full Snapper cut and Eat Shiitake (wipeouts) stand out. Also: Free poster included.