While Charles Darwin urged the importance of variety in the struggle for survival, perhaps Aphra Behn (‘variety is the soul of pleasure') and Greek dramatist Euripides (‘a change is always nice') somehow even had surfing and pro events in mind.

There aren't many locales in the known universe more blessed with variety than Western Australia's Margaret River region, giving a mobile event like the Drug Aware Pro options on top of options. Each beautifully distinct and unique, all underwritten with a common thread of power, not to mention an underlying threat of potential physical harm.

Take the 36 hour period since the opening of this year's hostilities. Yesterday saw the historic inauguration of North Point in elite competition and most notably Seabass' 'at least a ten' tube.


Today, Round Two feasted in meaty open ocean power walls of Main Break, big drops that required precise timing off the bottom and controlled aggression off the top. Meanwhile, a hop and a skip across the lagoon from the Main Break left, the infamous Box threw out some crazy distractions for yesterday's winners, in that unmistakably flaring, deceptively beautiful West oz way.

The embarrassment of riches that is the multitude of breaks between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste call for a bit of everything, all making for captivating viewing.