By: Tim Bonython

What? Two Teahupoo action/documentaries. Blackwater will get you stuck to your sofa and make you feel lucky to be there, safe. Mindblowing history of infamous Tahitian break. May Dayz is all about those two epic days in May 2005.

Highlights: CJ Hobgood’s paddled-into bomb, Raimana close to being decapitated by a jetski, Shane Dorian’s lifetime best wave, Neco Padaratz’s near-drowning experience and other very very frightening stories.

Length: Blackwater: 1 hour, May Dayz: 36 min.

Soundtrack: Erther, Nora Drenalin, Butterfly Effect, Inked Factor, Clotaire… (Blackwater)/ Cog, Ron Van Den Beuken, Women of Troy, Trapazoid, Cog… (May Dayz).

Bonus highlights: Blackwater: Boat disaster in 97, Photo Gallery, Premium Times for Teahupo’o and photographers’ perspective.