There're paddle outs and there are paddle outs.

While some of the most fearsome surf spots out there merely require a leisurely, dry haired paddle to the peak, a run-of-the-mill 2ft beachie can require 100 duckdives, plus far too much valuable energy and time.

Fitness plays a part, of course, but what proper paddling out really requires, is serviceable technique.

Now you don't need to be a veteran of Molokai Channel race, or even particularly athletic.

What you need is a bit of savvy, some basic observational skills, a bit of decision-making and above, all timing.

Because paddling out shouldn't be you locked in a duel against the ocean. It should be you, harnessing your ol pal's Huey's energy, going with the flow, not against.

Of course, you will need to flap your arms a bit, maybe develop a solid duck dive too. OK so far? Watch on!