Denis Andre Dasoul has died during a surf lesson at Canggu, after being struck by lightning during a rainstorm.

The 34 year old former professional footballer was reportedly hit while surfing in front of the Pantai Batu Bolong Temple at Batu Bolong Beach. According to reports in the Italian media (where Dasoul played professionally) he 'retired from football early in order to surf.'

According to a witness, Denis had been surfing with an instructor and the pair were both hit. The strike knocked them both off their boards, with eyewitnesses reporting Denis' chest was blue and the instructor's leg was burned.

Dasoul played professionally for a string of clubs in Belgium and Italy, including Anterp and Foggia. RIP

First responders were tourists and locals who administered first aid, befre the pair were taken to hospital around 2.45pm local time.

The condition of the instructor is not known at this time.

While incidents like this are extremely rare, if you happen to find yourself in the water when a lightening storm hits, it's probably a good idea to make your way back to the beach.