Nazaré was absolutely hooning this past weekend.

"Everyone thinks it's a burger" says someone called Will Skudin.

Do you?

Someone else called Cliff Skudin gets a good un paddling in on the warm up sesh (0min58s) but gets fucked over by a jetski waking across the face. I sure hope Cliff broke em off a lil' something after.

This 5 min edit is a cool behind-the-scenes look at the mission to Naz, except for the beeping out of the swearing which is really annoying. Even the noise they used is annoying. At first I thought someone was getting a fax.

If you feel cheated out of a bit of good ol fashioned surf anecdote profanity, we've filled in the beeps.

Fucking, fuck, fucklord, cunting, shitcunt, assgoblin, fuck off you fucking fucker, holy fuckshit ass cunt, that was a great fuckin wave, dude.