Apparently the internet is too cool for verbs these days -- all you need to do to construct an online argument is say "because" and then dive straight in with the nouns. For instance: road trips are arguably the best kind of trip, because freedom and flexibility, and also because ease and economy. Was that hip enough? I certainly feel pretty hip. Who knew verbs were surplus to requirements? Dispensing with them makes writing introductory paragraphs to web clips so much easier, and hopefully we can soon be rid of them altogether. Anyway, this is a road trip on the east coast of Australia -- a very good place for a road trip -- with the Kustom Footwear team, comprised of Jay Davies, Ricardo Christie, Brent Dorrington, Beau Foster and Imogen Caldwell. If you're going to watch just one turn, because short attention-span, because 2015, watch the one at 1:53 by Jay Davies, it's a beast.

Everything you need to know for a successful road trip along Australia's east coast, incidentally, can be found here.