Ah the Basque Coast Reefs. A handful of big wave spots dotted between Guethary to the east and Punta Galea to the west, and betwixt all of them, Belharra - the surf world’s sexiest mushburger.

Yet while the reef 2km offshore of St Jean de Luz may grab the headlines and attract the mega stars in search of a paddleable 50ft-er, there are a host of more surfable spots for the intrepid, intermediate tripper, like yourself. Think medium-solid if not fuck-off-huge NW swell, SE to SW winds.

Surf Consistency: 2 Wave Variety: 3

Climate: 4 Budget: 5 Radness: 7

Think winter, twat caps, gloves boots and all. A thorough scout of the charts, quick last-minute budget airline, and a couple of days of groomed, powerful belts of Basque surf generated by the very same low that’s battering home into wretched onshore submission.