Filmaker Tim Bonython of Tim Bonython Productions was on hand for the recent Shipsterns session featuring Kelly Slater, Mark Mathews, the local boys et al. Karl Atkins was also there, a relatively unknown but serious charger from Sydney, who partners up with Dylan Cram. This session Karl took balls to the wall to a whole new level, taking on the steps and poundings butt naked. The footage will feature in Tim's annual Australia Surf Movie Festival, while he posted these frame grabs (see here) on his Facebook page.

"Wheels retracting for take-off."
Preparing for the mother of all salt water enemas.


At this stage Karl is considering a life without children.
The bottom of a beast.
And it seemed such a great idea at the time.
Who thought Kelly was into taking action shots of nude men?


Back out for another crack!