80 000 people have been evacuated in Bali, Indonesia, in anticipation of the eruption of Mt Agung.

News channels from around the world were broadcasting live from Bali's east coast this morning, not far from one or two celebrated surf spots with the iconic mountain in the background, with seismologists anticipating an eruption any time.

Mt Agung's last eruption, in 1963, killed over a thousand people.

Pro surfer Tai Graham and the crew from Single Fin at Uluwatu have been pitching in to the relief effort taking essential supplies to evacuees.

While scientists generally attribute eruptions to movement in tectonic plates, with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions tending to occur in clusters, a local holy man has another theory.

"Tourists having sex on the volcano have angered the gods", said a priest in the village of Muntig, which sits inside the volcano excavation zone.

He claimed the mountain was angry because the “bule" — white people — had sex and menstruated on it.

“The climbers did that."

If such copulatory behaviour were related for seismic events, well pretty much all of Kuta can expect the ground to open and swallow it up, any time soon.

Laird Hamilton, hounded by the surf media following his own shark attack related period concerns, was unavailable for comment.